How to Change username? provides for a platform where employees can log in and find their tasks for the day and updates. It calls in for reliability from the employee’s end. Apart from just providing the details, they can access to a lot of features by using their credentials, i.e., username and password. With so many social media account with a different username, it is not surprising if one loses track of their Kroger username. To help the operators overcome this problem, Kroger not just displays a way to reset the username but also provides for in-person services to deal with the issue. The following are the steps to reset the username for portal: 

  • The company provides for a specific page for resetting the username and password. This folio is particularly for addressing the resets of user id and password.
  • After entering the page, one has to give the enterprise ID and click on the continue button. If wrong, a prompt window will appear. This step takes the user to a mandatory questionnaire.
  •  A few security questions flash on display. These are the same questions that one might have chosen while making up the profile of for the first time. It helps them know that the ID is being sent for reset by the correct user.
  • Clicking on the Next button, Kroger will generate a temporary ID or send a mail to the given mail id. It would then redirect to a reset page for a new username. 
  • By resetting the new username and confirming it, one gets ready to use it from the next time they try to log into the site.

There are alternative methods for setting the username. One can also reset the username by either visiting their workplace or calling the support center of Kroger. The automated voice message will assist the user. Further, one can either say or dial the code for resetting the username. One should stay on call until a representative picks and approaches the need. It would create a prompt, and via email, one will be able to access the link for the reset. 

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