MylifeatKroger Portal : All you need to know

Every firm takes the initiative for the best care of their employees. It includes taking care of their health, work stress, environment, etc. For providing the best of all benefits at Kroger, every employee given an introduction to a portal termed as mylifeatKroger portal. This portal is responsible for introducing the employee to the bonus that one receives for their work. An employee can avail these benefits by using their login credentials. It helps in securing the future of the employees as well as looking in for their needs. Every employee can get different benefits as per their term of work, type of work, years of service, etc.

My Life at kroger

An employee can perform the following steps to know the benefits they are eligible for and avail them most conveniently: 

  • The first step is to visit the official site of mylifeatKroger. The site is accessible only to present and former Kroger employes and has a different section for each of them.
  • After selecting a section and logging in, it provides for several benefit options that one can avail from it. The different options are: 

Current Associate: This provides for the benefit options for the person currently working in the Kroger.  

Spouse or Domestic benefit: Kroger does not just provide for the benefits of the employee alone. It takes into account the family members. This benefit is for the members of the family of the Kroger employee. 

Retiree: Kroger provides for the privileges of the people who have been a great help to the company throughout their working career. This benefit option is for those who have unwillingly stopped working because of the age restrictions. 

COBRA: It provides for the health and medical benefits for every employee working in the firm and even after retirement.

  • After choosing a variety of benefits, one must log in to the site by using the credentials they have been using. The last step is to click on the submit button.

If one has not registered into the portal but has been a Kroger employee, all they need is to enroll themselves to the employee login portal –

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