How to Sign up for is one of the most successful referral platforms that aim at making the right decision in the corporate space. Making sure that companies get the best candidates, the site ensures a means of a proper recommendation from the beginning. Plus, its motto is to engage all individuals, without any discrimination. Hence, if you are willing to find a good referral site, then ‘’great people’’ is the one. With awesome reviews from clients, there is quality and value control over the entire recruiting process. Thus, the whole aspect of sending improved referrals is always the priority of this platform!

The major requirements in the process of signing up:

Before you think of opening your Kroger account, here are a few things that you keep handy:

  • An operating system, most commonly a laptop, PC or even your smartphone!
  • A good internet facility or a WIFI!
  • The ID and passwords!


What is the Process of Signing up for

There are no such complications involved in the process of signing up for However, only an employer or anyone who is willing to engage here can create an account and register. Once you have registered, you need to have the following for signing up-

  • The User ID and security code!

This ID is given to all individuals, who are joining this platform permanently! 

Let’s take a look at the complete procedure for logging in:

  1. Visit the website first and click on the option titled, ‘’log in’’.
  2. Now, visit the associate page and type your own User ID. Make sure that you cross-check the information, before finally submitting it.
  3. Likewise, add the security code or password too.
  4. Finally, click on sign in. 

All basic information related to your account will be instantly displayed onto your screen!

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